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Thanks for taking this time to click into this area!  We at Keepin' it Reel Charters (Captain Adam Mastrangelo) would like everyone to have a fun / safe trip when you are on the water with us. To protect ourselves we would like to give everyone an early warning that once you step onboard the Keepin' it Reel vessel that you will be responsible for yourself and or your group.

​Keepin' it Reel Charters shall not be liable for any death, personal injury, loss or damage to property and it is a condition of entry to any fishing charter.  You hereby release to the full extent permitted by law once you step foot onto Keepin' it Reel vessel. Keepin' it Reel Charters and its employees, contingent liability in respect of such personal injury, death, loss or damage.

All passengers shall comply with any direction given by the Captain for the safety of the vessel and comfort of passengers and agree that willful disobedience means that they may be immediately taken to the nearest port or the embarkation point without refund!!!

Weather and the Captains and only the Captains call.... With this being said PLEASE KEEP YOUR PHONE ON THE DAY OF THE CHARTER SO I CAN CONTACT YOU IF THE WEATHER CHANGES. The weather in the north east can be extremely unpredictable and even though it may to appear to be nice on land at sea it could be a completely different story. I do my best to forecast the weather but if it changes last minute I need to be able to contact you and let you know the developing situation. Please know that we understand your frustration when a trip is canceled because of bad weather. It is equally as frustrating on our side. Some groups get canceled 2 or 3 times before they make their trip out. Unfortunately, that's just mother nature. Again, it's no ones call but Captain Adam Mastrangelo. He's not only looking out for the safety of his customers, but also the future of his business.

A $100 deposit is required for all trips. If the deposit is not received in 48 hours after the time of booking the slot be forfeited until the payment is received. On cancellations that occur with in 7 days of the charter the deposit will not be refunded as this is a secondary job for me and most of the time I have already taken the time off.  Charters canceled by the captain due to weather will receive a full refund. Processing fees will be deducted from deposits refunded. 

​Rods and reels lost overboard or broken due to the negligence and or inattention of clients will be charged full retail price of the broken item and or rod Reel set up.

Keepin' it Reel Charters reserves the right to change any price listed without notice.

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